Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Interesting Links

You can make your own newspaper, based on your tweets (Could be random) and who you follow (also random) Mine here

Here's one based on the popular #amwriting hastag.

Weird writing habits of famous writers on Flavorwire (US biased) ...Prone...

Tongue in cheek - How to sell a gazillion eBooks (or not) from Russell Blake

The 10 Stage of Revision Emotions. I hear you Roni Loren

From Madeline Ash, some wise words on the dreaded synopsis

Thoughtful post from The Intern on the seven pots of writing fame. Where are you?

Should authors review books? Arguments on both sides from Sarah Crown at The Guardian and Erin Keane at Salon. including the point that novelists don't earn much purely from writing books...and if you want me to review your book here, let me know.

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