Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Electric Picnic Friday

My third Electric Picnic started out in glorious sunshine while lugging much too much camping gear far too far. I was in Andy Warhol (shaes of Being John Malkovitch)  Not sure I'd camp again though...Anyway, after that trauma, went for a wander around and brief explore of the 60 acres.
The Green Crafts area was worth a browse, especially the Divine Chocolate stand.

Caught a bit of someone who I think was Delta Maid on the Cosby Stage, a lovely singer and guitar.

Then met up with the Divas and did a run through in the lovely De Paul tent who were raising awareness of the work they do with the homeless. They were offering lovely tea and biscuits too.
The Word tent was curated by the tireless Marty Mulligan.
Watched Karl Parkinson's set, a rousing set of poems including a great homage to himself and how fantastic he is. No better man...
Then the Poetry Divas took to the stage, all sparkled and feathered. We read and laughed and shimmied and slagged each other off for 45 minutes. The audience drifted in and out and especially seemed to enjoy Barbara's boobs.
Then main arena to see Modest Mouse (ho-hum) then the fabulously sexy Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. Looked like Bill Nighy on Sax from where I was standing.
Very beautiful, singers and violinist too. Typical Roxy. I ate a crappy falafal wrap which left my tummy upset - not good in a portaloo - which I tried to kill with Heineken and Mojito. Explored Body and Soul which had loads to look at. A boat. In a tree.
Then lounged around in a Teepee in  and drank tea.
This installation played music on discarded household objects. Mad!
The place changes at night. Much like myself.


Titus said...

Oh, be still my beating festival spirit heart. Lovely round-up, very jealous, thanks.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks. It's a wonderful, inspiring, tiring, wacky, cosmic, druggy, drinkie, Crab Linguine, smelly experience