Friday, 3 September 2010


I will be at the Picnic, picnicing with the Poetry Divas so no posts for a few days.
Enjoy yourselves without me!


Words A Day said...

Have a ball!

Julie P said...

Ooooh a poetry picnic - how fabulous! Have fun.

Julie xx

Linda G said...

Hey emerging writer. I searched around for Poetry Divas but didn't find you....came across Poetry Chicks..not you? I was dipping in and out of EP, driving back to Kildare (to sort out domesticity etc) and got to a selection of stuff only.

Electric picnic was fab, my first time, a festival virgin as I was being called! Hope you had a ball too.


Emerging Writer said...

Thanks everyone. What an amazing weekend. I'm still trying to order my thoughts.
Hi Linda, Thanks for the looking for us. We were on Friday around 7pm in The Word and also on Saturday around 6:30 in caca milis caberet.
Watch the blog for upcoming dates.
Dipping is what you do at EP. You just can't see everything you want to but the glory is the things you see that you didn't know you were going to.