Monday, 13 September 2010

Reading at The Winding Stair

I'll be reading at the launch of The Moth, a new publication from Becky O'Connor in Cavan. It looks great, though I say it myself. It beautifully illustrated and includes:

An extract from Julia O'Faolain's memoir on The Galapagos Islands.
A sad poem by Heather Brett, a study in loss called Bankrupt.
A poem The Wild Sea by John McKeown with a killer last line
A tiny little snapshot of a poem Upstairs, Downstairs by Rebecca O'Connor who I think is reading
A fabulous, effortless (to read, not to write) sestina In Your Grandmother's House from Colette Bryce.
A lovely father-son poem Aeneas and His Father by Liam Aungier
A disturbing story Pur Yu Shoes on Susie We're Going Out Tonight from Eileen Casey
A highly visual poem not me by Niamh Bagnell who will also be reading
A mad poem This Park Now is Ruled By Dogs by Julia Bird
and the last to best, of course. What To Do With My Ashes by me. Instructions for my family in case I ever die (I'm not planning to ever but you never know)

Thursday 16th September at 7:30pm to 8pm.

The Winding Stair, on the Quays, Dublin.

Please come along. Should be good.

(I keep typing Winding Stars. Much nicer I think)


Titus said...

That does look coolio, congratulations and good luck.
How does one get hold of a copy?

Niamh B said...

Looking forward to it!

Dave King said...

It sure does look great from what you've told us - so why shouldn't you be saying it? I shall be keeping an eye on this blog.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Good luck, but more importantly, get me that poster, I love that poster , I need that poster, I may not be able to live without it.

ALI PALMER said...

Congrats - I *love* the cover.

Emerging Writer said...

I'll ask on Thursday and let you know. I think she's on facebook

Titus said...

Now I've looked more closely at the poster, I want it too. Look, look, look at the names on it!

Aoife.Troxel said...

Wow! You are kidding! You wrote that?!
We bought it in Eason's a while back, having just seen it and thought "hey, lit mag!"
That was my favourite poem in the whole thing, I even especially ponted it out to MM and she loved it too.
Briliant job!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Aoife. That's really nice of you to say. Who's MM?