Sunday, 19 September 2010

Interesting Links

On subjectivity when judging short stories from Robin Black

Chris Hamilton-Emery from salt on why to publish poetry ... Most volumes of poetry sell under a thousand copies, many sell less than 300...Statistically, most poetry sold in bookstores is sold to women, most of that is sold to people over 50 years of age, and most of that sold has been written by dead authors.

OK so if most poetry is bought by women, why are the reviewers top heavy with men?

The Problem with American Poetry from Bookslut...Our poets are not tearing down the fetters of our imaginations so we can dream and then create the next American society. Nor are they inventing the lexicon that will define how the next generation of Americans will think, believe, and feel...

Why are there so many poems about death and dying and getting old? The Truth about Lies ...The Poetry Foundation archive alone contains 928 poems about “Death.” Compare that to 65 about “Birth and Birthdays,”

Why not to date a writer from a grammar
Roadside Haiku - love it from Bandit Haiku Atlanta-based artist John Morse. New Yorker via Poetry Foundation. More from Baroque in Hackney including a readl photo.

The Value of Memories
Measured by the Ounce.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Well it's good and bad news there with the poetry buying public.The bad news is they are female and over 50, (that could be why my poetry is not very poular). The good news is I'll soon be dead.

Jules said...

Thank you for sharing the short story link. :) Not much of a poet but I understand your reasoning for linking. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Emerging Writer said...

tfe - you were always a one to see the silver lining.
Jules. thanks for dropping by. subjectivity is a fact of life. It doesn't just apply to short stories, also ice cream and trains

Titus said...

I love linky ones! I really enjoyed (?) Jim's death and poetry post, and must get over to Bookslut pronto...