Friday, 10 September 2010

Patrick Kavanagh Award (again)

Repeat after me, this year will be the year
this year will be the
this year will be
this year will
this year

Patrick Kavanagh award for an unpublished collection

Prize: The winner of this year’s award will receive €1,000. Certificates will be awarded to runners up in the competition.
Didn't runners up get money last year?

The award is open to poets, born in the island of Ireland, or of Irish nationality, or long term resident in Ireland.

The collection of poems in English must be original and consist of 20 poems. Individual poems should not be more than 40 lines.

The only works eligible are unpublished or magazine published work.

Judge: Brian Lynch

Website here

Fee: €25. (Janey!)

Deadline: Friday, 24th September 2010


Totalfeckineejit said...

Soon the entry fees will be higher than the prize.I always think of it as The Patrick Kavanagh Ha HaHa Ha Ha Ha ...all the way to the bank.

Come on everybody, seriously now, do we really need poetry prizes? Little tin medals to wear on our puffed-out little poetry chests?

Time for change.

Titus said...

Good Luck!

Michael Farry said...

Go for it EW! I've entered again this year, got joint third last year out of the blue.

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Michael

Did you get some money last year when you came third?

I dunno should I enter against you though, you're a contender!

Michael Farry said...

No money last year for third. Great place to attend though, meal on arrival with others, accommodation overnight, very friendly. Don't go on with that contender stuff. Your best stuff has that something - different(I hate using the word quirky but there it is)which might catch Brian Lynch's eye. It is always a bit of a lottery. It's a great one to win or get a mention in.

Emerging Writer said...

I'll take quirky..thanks