Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Homepages - Tales from the Irish blogosphere

Homepages is a unique collection of stories and photographs, the first of its kind in Ireland. The nation’s best bloggers hold forth on the theme of “home”, covering everything from pets and expat life to parenting and the Kellogg’s Variety Pack. By turns hilarious, heartbreaking and thought-provoking, it promises a captivating read and showcases some of Ireland’s best undiscovered writing talent.

And what makes it special is that it is all voluntary, organised by the angelically good and hard working Catherine Brodigan. All proceeds go to Focus Ireland, who provide services and support for people who are homeless across Ireland.

The book is now on sale online for €14 via on a print-on-demand basis. Click here to order your copy. Do it now. It's good. €4.61 goes to us Ireland which is a very good percentage compared to some other charity books I've seen. You can pay with paypal or a credit card. Beware. The postage is quite steep though.

Contributers are a great bunch, many I've heard of and read but a good bunch that were new to me.

Pauline McLynn - mandatory celeb blogger
One For The Road
Red Mum
Yvonne Reilly
Darragh Doyle
Twenty Major

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