Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Writers' Rooms

(link 'borrowed' from Scott Pack)

I adore the Saturday Guardian and devour the review section. In particular, I enjoy the writers' rooms. Click here for a slideshow and talk over by the photographer, Eamonn McCabe on some of them. fascinating.

One was used as a visual prompt in last year's English paper (leaving cert I think)

Eamonn McCabe: Writers' Rooms runs 3 December - 17 January at Madison Contemporary Art, London.

One criticism is that the rooms belong to writers who have already made it. Very middle class. What do rooms look like or struggling/emerging writers?
Why not upload your own room photo somewhere flikr? and I'll feature them here.


Peadar said...

Yes, Itoo have always been really fascinated by writers rooms.They really are the 'inner sanctum' aren't they?My own roomis very special to me but I have outgrown the desk (old kitchen table with knife drawer to keep pens and bit'n' bobs)and found a glorious huge tamarind wood table in an Indonesian furniture shop.They have been using it as their sales desk and I have been paying what I can when I can towards it for well over a year,hopefully I'll have it in 2009-the wait is half the fun.Would be great to see other people's nests, there's a glimpse of mine on page 57 of the summer issue of THE SHOp.

Women Rule Writer said...

Timely post. I too love the Guardian pics and even wrote a (satirical) poem about them.

I took a pic of my v cluttered desk just this morning as I'm getting a new/old desk for Xmas and have great plans to declutter and streamline my work space. I plan to do before and after shots in the new year on my blog.