Saturday, 20 December 2008


I've never got into this Cork city based magazine (yet) but here are the submission guidelines.

1 All manuscripts must be typed, one side of page on A4 paper.

2. Sign every piece of paper (why?). Print name and contact details on each poem and on the last page of the story.

3. Submissions are not accepted by email. Always include a self-addressed envelope with adequate return postage. Again why? Can't they respond by email?

4. If submitting poems and prose simultaneously they will be considered by different editors at different times so to be sure of a response include separate envelopes with adequate return postage for each.

5. Both Poetry and Fiction are considered between January and March 15th each year in time for our summer issue. Poetry alone is considered between July and September 15th in time for our winter issue. Submissions received outside these periods will remain unopened until the aforementioned consideration periods come round.

6. Include an up-to-date biographical note with a cover letter.


Anti-Laureate said...

Sign every piece of paper so that if it goes astray from the main bundle it can be indentified.

Niamh B said...

Why not email - because cork people judge you by the type of paper you use, and the autograph because cork people know by your autograph whether you really meant it....
Speaking with authority, ahem.