Saturday, 27 December 2008


What search terms have my lovely readers typed in and landed on my blog:

- House price drop bridport - a confused property seller/buyer
- ways to spend a day - someone a little bored?
- Easons - does it stock author Sharon Owens - I'm thinking yes.
- most overused phrases in fiction - um?
- email contact of gold buyer +company +agent +manager +2008 - there's gold in them there words
- best paying poetry magazines - almost a contradiction in terms there
- phrases annoying overused- a writers day
- No Milk Nanotales
- words of wisdom - many here
- "damian smyth" electrician bbc - huh?
- Recommended blogs for students
- tickle your fancy book
- Republic of Loose

Lots and lots of ego surfers or perhaps people digging up information/dirt on people named as winning prizes.


Pan Historia said...

Aren't you lucky? All I have got so far is:

cedar wax wing painting
us history wigdets

Considering the topic of my blog I'm not even sure where to begin here.

Emerging Writer said...

How bizarre. Could you wangle a story out of that?

Clare said...

Hehh, well I'm here coz I like your writing. Always find a nice signpost to something I wanna do, everytime I visit. Keep going on that book

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Clare - resolution is to keep going on that book