Friday, 19 December 2008

International Magazines

Here's a tip for finding new markets. Read poets bios, especially relatively up and coming poets.

Wise words from Baroque in Hackney
- look at poets first (or second) collections particularly
- look at poets whose poetry chimes with your own.

Here are some examples.

Phillip Crymble’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in various national and international literary journals including
Passages North, (see here for more information)
The Michigan Quarterly Review,
papertiger: new world writing (Australia),
The Fiddlehead (Canada),
The Stinging Fly (Ireland)
and The North (UK)

Miriam Gamble was born in 1980 and is a final year postgraduate student and teaching assistant at Queen’s University, Belfast. She has published poems in
The Rialto,
The Ulster Tatler
and on Tower Poetry’s website.

Davide’s poems started appearing in magazines in 1999. He considers his greatest achievements so far having been published in Orbis ,
Dream Catcher (Also here)
and recently in Event (Canada), (Paying)
In the Red
and New Contrasts (South Africa).


Ms Baroque said...

This is in fact how I did it. It may be best to look at their first book. And it's better if you look at people whose poetry you feel yours is something like.

The hardest thing about sending out at ANY stage is getting the right poems to the right editor. At the right time.

Emerging Writer said...

Very astute comments Ms Baroque. I'll add them to the post. Thanks. (I was in Hackney earlier today, an internet caff on Mare St. I thought of you!