Monday, 1 December 2008

Visual Writing Prompts.

I had a great response to my recent Writing Prompts post, including lots of comments on the lovely photo. I would love to take credit for it but I just found it on google images. It's a street in Stari, Croatia taken from the Croatian Language School in London's website photo gallery.

The image above is of the Jewish Quarter in Girona, one guess for where the photo from the original post was from. They both look beautiful and inspiring, slightly mysterious too. What dramas have been acted out here?

Images can be a great way of sparking ideas, not only for writing but for other creative endeavors - painting, photography, dance, music, sculpture, whatever. It's cross pollination. That why I recommend going to performances or galleries from other arts disciplines and talking to other types of artists. It's a two way process and you may end up collaborating - one of the powers of the internet, I believe.


PJ Nolan said...

Good points. As a practioner of both visual and written arts, I can also recommend the benefits of trying new forms. e.g. working with painting and poetry has reinforced for me the value of spontaneity / impulse in both, (as opposed to the 'endless edit'). Also, visual composition feeds into lyrical, etc. So maybe grab that camera and experiment - buy a cheap guitar, or sketchbook. Its not always about mastering every medium - more about finding new ways to question and experiment.

Anonymous said...

Just googled "writing prompts" and this photo was the first thing that came up that I actually wanted to look at. The picture is beautiful, and I am trying this new thing where I find a prompt every night and write 500 words about it. Too perfect for me also that this is a Jewish neighborhood in Croatia!