Thursday, 18 December 2008

Writing Prompt

rom an inspiring article about an inspiring English teacher.
You know the poem by William Carlos Williams apologising not very believably or eatin all the plums? Try writing your own apology or something you are not really very apologetic about.


bfs said...

"The moment I saw them, my jawline broke out in tingly chills, anticipating the first slurpy, sloppy, juicy, zesty bite. Who had left them there for me? Someone who cares. Someone who knows my love, my need, my constant craving for peach parties...."

Corny, I know. But that's what came to me at this late hour.

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm ready for it to be here!!!

Women Rule Writer said...

Drool - such pretty looking plums.
Dearie - have you lost the 'f' off your keyboard?! (That sounds rude, but isn't meant to...?)

Emerging Writer said...

BS: lol! peach parties sound like a laugh.

WRW: Yes I have lost that letter. I have a new keyboard coming Monday as well as a hard drive so I'll be technically challenged installing them come then. Meanwhile I'm trying to write posts without that letter. Tricky... Didn't some writer do a whole book in 5 parts without the vowels? I wonder why...