Monday, 8 December 2008

What not to write about

I love this post at Strange Horizon. It's what they get a lot of. Some are quite imaginative.

15. Scientist uses himself or herself as test subject. (Jekyll/Hyde)

26. Someone takes revenge for the wrongs done to them.
Protagonist is put through heavy-handed humiliation after humiliation, and takes it meekly, until the end when he or she murders someone.
(sounds familiar - wimpy hero/heroine)

27. The narrator and/or male characters in the story are bewildered about women, believing them to conform to any of the standard stereotypes about women: that they're mysterious, wacky, confusing, unpredictable, changeable, temptresses, etc.
(lots of lad lit)

29. Hell and Heaven are run like businesses.
34. Teen's family doesn't understand them. - Catcher in the Rye


Yvonne said...

Brilliant! Thanks for posting the link.

bfs said...

Very neat!! Thank you!