Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The SHOp

The Shop is a lovely poetry magazine published John and Hilary Wakeman in Skeagh, Schull, Co. Cork.

Each issue of THE SHOp contains work by established poets, both Irish and foreign, and also poems by talented newcomers, some of them never previously published. The magazine will consider poems in any form, on any subject, though not if they reflect racial or gender bias. THE SHOp has pioneered the practice of grouping together poems on similar themes. A group of half a dozen poems on the subject of love, say, or death, demonstrates the variety of human response to universal experiences, and also the variety of formal methods available to poets.

Regretably they lost out on significant funding this year and the Arts Council has warned them that 2009 will see 'a significant reduction' in their grant. We really shouldn't let this quality magazine flounder.

They have a lovely website but unfortunately, they do not have a way of subscribing (or donating) online. You have to print off a form and post it. How bizarre. I'm personally much more likely to donate or subscribe to something if I can do it in a click or two. See Stingy Fly for how it's done. It's really easy to add a paypal account to a website.

Anyway, if you have time, a printer, a chequebook and a stamp, if you've ever submitted to them , been published (or rejected) by them, I recommend a subscription. It's also on sale in lots of good shops.


thegirlwhosafraidoffoxes said...

Stingy fly? Awww ;)

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Emerging Writer, I am glad to have found your blog. Its very title is alluring. I consider myself as a randomly emerging writer but most often as re-plunging-back-into-the-goo-writer.
By the way one my most lucky poems is entitled "Re-emerging" and if you visit my blog maybe you will find something in common with yours. Mine though is very, very bare.
I hope to her from you in the future.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Me again. I have forgotten to tell you that some of my works have appeared in The SHOp in the past and I consider it as one of the greatest magazines. I discovered it in a Dublin bookshop in 2001 when I bought the issue number 5 and was amazed by Seamus Heaney's poem The Boiling House in it.
Best wishes, Davide Trame
( Tommaso Gervasutti in the blog)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for dropping by. Here's to a goo-less December,

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hello EW , sorry for butting-in just like to say Tomasso,I share your love of THE SHOp- it's my favourite magazine and one of the few with such impeccable taste as to choose some of my stuff.I liked your poem, 'The boat from venice' in issue 24.All the best, Peadar.

Emerging Writer said...

Not one of mine, tfe!